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During the mid-1970s, Gene Roddenberry and Paramount Pictures began plans to resurrect the starship Enterprise and her crew a second time. Over the next few years, there were flip-flops back and forth between plans to start a new weekly television series or to start a series of periodic television movies. Eventually, a series of feature films was produced.

The premise for the originally-planned television series, to be called "Star Trek II," was that the Enterprise, with most of her original crew, would begin a new five-year mission. Three major crew changes were to take place on the Enterprise for the new series: Spock would have been replaced by Xon, a full-blooded Vulcan, as the Science Officer; William Decker, the son of Starfleet Commodore Matthew Decker, would have been the ship's new First Officer; and Ilia, a Deltan female, would have been added to the crew.

The series of feature films that was actually produced maintained all of the major characters from the original series. The basic premise for the first film was that after completing her five-year mission, the Enterprise spent about three years in spacedock undergoing a major refit. In the meantime, James Kirk had been promoted to Admiral and was Starfleet's Chief of Operations, Spock had returned to Vulcan to purge himself of his emotions, and McCoy had resigned from Starfleet and gone off to do research. The later films developed the characters' stories from there. By the seventh film, most of the crew of the original starship Enterprise had retired, and several were participating in the christening of the newest starship to be named Enterprise when Captain James T. Kirk met his end. The movies series carries on, now based on the adventures of the Next Generation crew.

TOS Movie Cast
The Original Series movie cast

Enterprise A
The starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701A

Enterprise B
The starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701B

Enterprise A
The Next Generation movie cast

Enterprise D
The starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701D

Enterprise E
The starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701E

Spock & Kirk (2009)
Spock and Kirk (2009 re-launch)

Crew (2009)
Enterprise Crew (2009 re-launch)

Starship Enterprise (2009)
Starship Enterprise (2009 re-launch)

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The Main Casts

  • The "Original Series" Movies
    • James T. Kirk (Admiral, later Captain) -- William Shatner
    • Spock (Science Officer, later Captain) -- Leonard Nimoy
    • Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy -- DeForrest Kelly
    • Montgomery Scott (Captain of Engineering) -- James Doohan
    • Uhura (Chief Communications Officer) -- Nichelle Nichols
    • Hikaru Sulu (Chief Helmsman, later Excelsior Captain) -- George Takei
    • Pavel Chekov (Chief of Security) -- Walter Keonig
    • Dr. Christine Chapel -- Majel Barrett
    • Janice Rand (Transporter, later Communications Officer) -- Grace Lee Whitney
    • William Decker (First Officer, ST:TMP only) -- Stephen Collins
    • Ilia (Navigator, ST:TMP only) -- Persis Khambatta

  • The "Next Generation" Movies
    • Captain Jean-Luc Picard - Patrick Stewart
    • First Officer William T. Riker -- Jonathan Frakes
    • Science Officer Data -- Brent Spiner
    • Dr. Beverly Crusher -- Gates McFadden
    • Counselor Deanna Troi -- Marina Sirtis
    • Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge -- Levar Burton
    • Chief of Security Worf -- Michael Dorn
    • Guinan (ST:GEN only) -- Whoopie Goldberg

  • Star Trek (2009 Re-launch)
    • James T. Kirk -- Chris Pine
    • Spock (young) -- Zachary Quinto
    • Spock (old) -- Leonard Nimoy
    • Dr. Leonard McCoy -- Karl Urban
    • Montgomery Scott -- Simon Pegg
    • Uhura -- Zoe Saldana
    • Hikaru Sulu -- John Cho
    • Pavel Chekov -- Anton Yelchin
    • Christopher Pike - Bruce Greenwood
    • Sarek (ST:2009 only) - Ben Cross
    • Amanda (ST: 2009 only) - Winona Ryder
    • Nero (ST: 2009 only) - Eric Bana

The Movies

Movie Highlights

Star Trek: The Motion Picture                   12/07/79
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn                 06/04/82
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock             06/01/84
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home                   11/26/86
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier                 06/09/89
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country          12/06/91
Star Trek: Generations                          11/18/94
Star Trek: First Contact                        11/22/96
Star Trek: Insurrection                         12/11/98
Star Trek: Nemesis                              12/13/02
Star Trek (Reboot)                              05/08/09
Star Trek Into Darkness                         05/17/13

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