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Date: Sat Sep 1, 2001
From: Debi
Subject: Racers

Do you know what the theme song is on the Kirk Douglas Movie "Racers" is? I was thinking maybe by Ralph Flannigan? My family thinks it may be called I'm Not Free or I belong to You. I cannot find the theme song listed anywhere.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, Debi. I don't know what the theme song is on the movie The Racers. I'll keep trying to find out, though, and will let you know if I dig up anything.]

Date: Sun Aug 26, 2001
From: Brad
Subject: Help!

Greetings Sir:

My name is Brad and I am very interested in your site. It is wonderfully produced!

If possible, I'm interested in acquiring posters shown on your web-site by artist Arnold E. Van Beverhoudt, Jr. (Historical Enterprises) and the comparison chart licensed by Paramount Pictures.

I am also interested in acquiring scale models of the sailing ships.

Can you help me with any information?

Thank You,
Greeley, CO.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Brad, I don't have any posters of the ship charts that are on the Enterprise History page. Those graphics were created only for on-screen presentation. If you click on the thumbnails, you'll get the largest size graphics that I have of the charts. About models of the sailing ships, I don't think that there are any models specifically of the Enterprise's. What I did was look for models of sailing ships that looked a lot like the Enterprises and then made small changes to fit. For example, the Cutty Sark looks a lot like the HMS Enterprise that went looking for the Northwest Passage through the Arctic. A Baltimore schooner looks a lot like the USS Enteprise that fought the Barbary Pirates in the Mediterranean, etc.]

Date: Sun Aug 18, 2001
From: Brad
Subject: More Links to Your Site


I've finally had a chance this summer to look over some of the larger sites I link to and discover any pages I might have ignored. I realized that for some reason I don't have links to several of your pages, and I've added two of them as Best New Links this week -- Disney and Sci-Fi. I know they're not new, but they're new to ME. I have a couple of others bookmarked.


Your About Guide
Classic Movies -
Subscribe to the Classic Movies Newsletter - Go to and give your email address

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Brad, I really appreciate the "Best New Links" designations for my Disney Animated Classics and Classic SciFi movie guides. I've added links back to you site also.]

Date: Sat Aug 18, 2002
From: Bela
Subject: About Web Page

To Whom it May Concern:

You misspelled a name of a character in the ST:Voy series. The character's name is "Icheb" which you misspelled "Ejib" in all the episodes pertaining to him.

The correct spelling was taken from the original ST site:

Best Regards,

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Bela, thanks for the spelling correction in my Star Trek: Voyager Episode Reviews. I'll try to get the correction made in the near future.]

Date: Sun Aug 5, 2001
From: Ron
Subject: V.I. Drive

I have enjoyed vewing your site and the sights of St Thomas. We are planning on visting our daughter there in a couple of months. She has just moved there and we are really looking forward to our trip.

Thanks again,
Ron, Marysville, KS USA

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the comments, Ron. I hope you like your real trip to St. Thomas as much as you like my virtual tour of the island.]

Date: Sun Aug 5, 2001
From: Jeremy
Subject: Enterprise

Found your superb Enterprise site today.

You may be interested to know that the (British) Royal Navy is currently building a vessel that will be named Enterprise. Like her predecessor she is a survey vessel, although much larger and more sophisticated. I have information and a picture at my site:

You may also be interested to know that a former HMS Enterprise that decommissioned around 1985, is currently being converted for civilian use as part of a cross border project in Northern Ireland:

Incidently, the 'Big E' recently caused quite a stir when she payed a vist to Portsmouth (UK) -- not only was she too large to enter the dockyard itself, but her air group possesed more firepower the the entire Fleet Air Arm!

Yours sincerely,

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Jeremy, thanks for the information on the under-construction "HMS Enterprise." I've added some details and a photo from Jeremy's site to my Voyages of the Enterprise online book.]

Date: Fri Aug 3, 2001
From: Faye
Subject: Guam


I just came across your tour of Guam. I love it. My husband was stationed (USAF) there in '68-'70. My children and I flew over after he went over and found us housing. Downtown Agana, we lived [there] for 6 months until we got base housing. I hope to go back there some day. Its a wonderful beautiful place. Thanks for the great site.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Faye, I'm glad you liked my Tour of Guam and that it brought back some good memories for you.]

Date: Sun Jul 29, 2001
From: Jorma
Subject: Japanese Instro Groups


Have you stuff from 60's Japanese instro groups like Terry & the Blue Jeans and Sharp5?

Jorma from Finland

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry Jorma, but I don't have any information of Japanese instrumental groups. Maybe a reader of this might be able to help out.]

Date: Sun Jul 29, 2001
From: Doug
Subject: "Grand Prix"


"By the way, race fans will recognize, by the helmet colors, that the four main characters actually represent: (Chris Amon aka Pete Aron, John Surtees aka Jean-Pierre Sarte, Jackie Stewart aka Scott Stoddard..."

That isn't correct. Regardless of helmet designs, Stoddard's character, the shy leading Scottish driver with a close relationship with his team owner, is clearly intended to be Jim Clark. Jackie Stewart was just getting started in F1, & neither famous nor successful when the movie was made in '66. The most famous thing he did in '66 was crash at Spa in the rain through the wall of a barn; he's one of the cars spinning off to the left in the movie. Clark had just been Champ in '63 & '65; Stewart didn't get his 1st 'til '69.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Doug, I won't deny that maybe the character was mean to represent Jim Clark, but clearly the helmet worn by Stoddard was Jackie Stewart's with the tartan band. Thanks for the comment anyway. I'll change the wording of the sentence in my Racing Films page slightly to be more accurate.]

Date: Sun Jul 22, 2001
From: George
Subject: Comments Racing Movies George,

1. You don't have the movie "Green Helmet" (1961) which is a British-make film about a Mille Miglia type event.

2. "Grand Prix" was originally shot in the Cinerama format (and then later converted to a normal wide-screen format). Cinerama was a three-camera system which projected three side-by-side images across a very wide curved screen. the result was similar to today's IMAX system which achieves pretty much the same result with one big camera.

I saw the Cinerama version in Toronto at a special Cinerama theatre -- all reserved seats. The opening credits which split the screen into many fragments worked well in Cinerama but don't work in the smaller format. Of course, many of the photography shots -- including the shots from the car-mounted cameras were brand new then -- and spectacular. Nowadays the in-car shots have become commonplace.

The stand-in cars were much smaller than the actual F1 cars (I think they were F.3 or F. Junior cars) and the differences were pretty obivious at the time -- though to today's eyes, they all look pretty much the same. I don't think they used much actual race footage in the end -- even though they spent a lot of time and disrupted the schedules of many GPs that year filming during the race weekends.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: George, thanks for the information on "Green Helmet" and "Grand Prix." I'll add "Green Helmet" to the list of Racing Films and correct the write-up on "Grand Prix."]

Date: Wed Jul 18, 2001
From: Debbie
Subject: Enterprise Copy Revisions

Hello Arnold,

I'm forwarding a copy of a message I received from LCDR Joel Doolin of the USS Enterprise about the name of the original ship captured by Col. Benedict Arnold in 1775. I believe the information came from a Royal Navy historical library in Portsmouth, England. It seems to indicate that the original name of the ship was HMS Enterprise rather than HMS George. I don't know if it's something you've seen before or not, but I thought you might be interested in knowing about it.

Hope all is well. Enjoy your day!


----- Original Message -----

Deb -- Here's the information I have, and unfortunately, it is not complete. The first resource is "Ships of the Royal Navy" (I do not have the author, publisher or date) at page 124: ENTERPRISE Tender 10. Captured 14.5.2775 by Americans in the Richelieu River, N. America.

For the second resource, "British Losses in the Age of Sail" (again I do not have the author, publisher or date and fear that might only be a chapter title). Page 48 covers the period "20DEC70-15JUL75" and those words are at the top of the page on the other side from the book/chapter title. There is a paragraph which reads: 14 May 1775 ENTERPRISE Schooner St. John 1775. A vessel at Fort Ticonderoga, Lake Champlain. Captured when the fort was taken by the American Army under Ethan Allan and Benedict Arnold.

That's it! r/ Joel

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Debbie, thanks for the information on HMS Enterprise. I'll agree that there is some controversy about the original name of the first USS Enterprise before she was captured by Benedict Arnold. My sources are as follows:

"Early American Ships" by John Fitzhugh Millar, Thirteen Colonies Press, Williamsburg, VA: 1986 states, in part:

"The British ... began a program of building some small warships to protect their interests on the lake. Their base and shipyards were at St. John on the Richelieu River at the northern end of the lake. Benedict Arnold arrived there with the armed ketch Liberty on 18 May 1775 and the base surrendered without a shot. Already build and ready for launching was the schooner Royal Savage, and already launched was the sloop George, capable of mounting ten guns. Arnold renamed her Enterprise and took her into his growing naval force on the lake."

In another part of the book, Millar states:

"When Benedict Arnold captured St. John's at the northern end of Lake Champlain in May 1775, he took possession of two vessels that had recently been built by the British: the sloop George (which he renamed Enterprise) and the schooner Royal Savage."

In another book, "Ships of the American Revolution," Bellerophon Books, Santa Barbara, CA: 1988, Mr. Millar also states:

"Benedict Arnold captured the 10-gun British sloop George in May 1775 and renamed her the Enterprise."

Mr. Millar is a historian specializing in colonial times and he has a long list of books on colonial history to his credit. He has also been involved in the construction of replicas of at least two Revolutionary War period ships. Therefore, I think he's a credible source.

Also of special note is that information I had obtain from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England during the research for my book gives service history details of a HMS Enterprise that was commissioned in April 1775. This HMS Enterprise was a 6th rate of 32-guns. She served with the Royal Navy until August 1807, mainly in the Mediterranean. Although not impossible, I think it would be unusual for the Royal Navy to simultaneously have had two ships in service named HMS Enteprise.

Further, when I was researching my book, I corresponded with research assistants at both the National Maritime Museum and the Imperial War Museum, London. In both cases, I had submitted draft manuscripts of my book for their review and, although both gentlemen responded with corrections and other comments to ensure historical accuracy, neither one made any mention of the 1775 vessel captured by Benedict Arnold having been originally named "Enterprise" and not "George."

Given the above, I'll leave my information as is unless I get more concrete documentation that Benedict Arnold's Enterprise was originally named Enterprise while in service with the Royal Navy.]

Date: Wed Jul 18, 2001
From: Brian
Subject: You Missed One - Here It Is


Loved your list but I didn't see First Arrival with Charlie Sheen. Great alien flick with some good twists and turns. Also, what about The Matrix? I might have missed that one somewhere.

Well, carry on

See you round

[EDITOR's NOTE: Brian, believe it or not, I've never seen either First Arrival or Matrix. But thanks for the input anyway. I'll have to check them out on video.]

Date: Mon Jul 16, 2001
From: Ross
Subject: Enterprise Website

It would also be great if the shuttle OV-101 were on public display. Several years ago I found out that it was at Dulles. We made a special trip out there only to find out that its not on public display because the Smithsonian doesnt have a facility for large crafts like that, so she's in a hanger. Any update on that?

Thanks again.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: On the shuttle Enterprise, the National Air and Space Museum is starting construction on an annex at Dulles Airport, where the Enterprise, an SR-71 Black Bird, the Enola Gay, and many other large aircraft will be displayed. It will be a few years before that new complex is completed though. You can find information on the new complex at the Museum's web site:]

Date: Mon Jul 9, 2001
From: Ross
Subject: Enterprise Website


First, great site. I look forward to reading it all.

Second, the way I found it was because a few years ago I thought I read that USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65 was to be decomissioned in a few years. I don't see anything on her website or the US Navy's site of aircraft carriers that suggest this. Do you know anything about this either way?

Also, the link to the graphic for NCC-1701-D was broken. The file does not exist.

And finally, you said:

In the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, bronzed models of the World War II and nuclear aircraft carriers Enterprise, along with models of the prior starships, adorned a wall in Captain Picard's ready room.

They were in the conference room, not the ready room. Same for NCC-1701-E.

Once again, great site.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the comments and the corrections about the Star Trek Enterprise-D section. I'll get that missing photo file uploaded right away. On the aircraft carrier CVN-65, it is scheduled to remain in service with the U.S. Navy until 2013, when it is to be retired. Wouldn't it be great if the "Big E" could be saved as a museum, like several other old carriers have been?]

Date: Fri Jul 6, 2001
From: Carol
Subject: Thunderbirds Fatalities

Dear Mr. Beverhoudt,

I very much enjoyed your web page. I am trying to determine whether or not the Thunderbirds played in an air show in conjunction with the christening of the U.S.S. Forrestal on 11 Dec 1954 at Newport News, Virginia, and if so, if a crash with the resulting tragic death of the pilot occurred. If you know where I might obtain this information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Carol, I'm sorry, but I don't have any information on a Thuderbirds accident on 11 Dec 1954. Maybe you can contact someone at the Thunderbirds through their official web site at:]

Date: Sat Jun 30, 2001
From: Louise
Subject: Can You Help?

I am a Disney fan. I work for a food company called Iceland Frozen Foods. In August the company is having a charity day where funds go to cancer research. Following discussion and to my delight it was decided that Disney would be the theme in our area. Is there any possibility that you could donate standees, posters, small trinkets or any unused stock etc? Anything at all that you may think we could use to raise cash for charity! If not do you have any advice on how to obtain such things to make our branch the most exhilarating.

Yours sincerely,

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Louise, I am not associated with the Disney Company and don't have any of the Disney souvenirs you're looking for. I suggest you try the official Disney web site at]

Date: Sun Jun 24, 2001
From: A.J.
Subject: Escort Aircraft Carriers

Dear Sir,

With reference to your list of US built WW2 escort aircraft carriers, I note that you have described several of these CVE's as "ex tankers."

I am aware that several of these vessels were in fact converted from existing cargo vessels and some from existing tankers, but a number were actually built as escort carriers from the start and had not previously served in any other capacity.

I am currently researching into the history of one of these escort carriers, CVE51, USS St Simon/HMS Arbiter, upon which my late father served with the British Royal Navy during WW2.

CVE51 (and several others) was built from the keel-up "as a carrier" at Seattle Tacoma in 1943 and employed a C3-AS-12 cargo hull as opposed to a T3 tanker hull.

Admittedly, CVE51 was employed as an auxillary re-fuelling ship for a very short period during her service with the British Pacific Fleet (Fleet Train), operating out of Manus in the Admiralty Islands, but her primary role was that of an aircraft ferry, but with an ASW and strike capability.

After the close of WW2 CVE51 was returned to the US Navy and in 1948 was sold to Argentina, where she was converted to a merchant cargo ship and re-named "Coracero." In later years she was sold on to the Phillipine President Shipping Lines where she was known as "President Macapagal" and "Lucky Two" before finally being scrapped in Taiwan in 1972.

Only for a very short period in the Pacific during 1945 did HMS Arbiter serve as an auxillary re-fuelling tanker, a role to which she was not really suited. Apart from that time she served solely as a merchant cargo ship.

Best regards,
A.J. (Manchester, England)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: AJ, thanks for the information on CVE-51. I found it most interesting and welcomed.]

Date: Sat Jun 16, 2001
From: Steve
Subject: Thunderbirds

I'm a big fan of the Thunderbirds and would like more information on them. Like how I can get souvenirs.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Steve, try the official USAF Thunderbirds web site at They have a history, member lists, a big photo gallery of the Thunderbirds. Of course, I also have some info on the Thunderbirds in my "Dreams of Flight" section.]

Date: Sat Jun 16, 2001
From: Scott
Subject: Link to Your Site

I have put a link to your site on my new site. Your Eagles page is listed on the links page. Thanks for the GREAT site.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the link, Scott. I've added a link to your Swede Savage site.]

Date: Sat Jun 16, 2001
From: Tom
Subject: Voyager

Hi Arnold,

I don't suppose you know how I can obtain copies of Voyager episodes season 7, from the states (or from yourself), rather than having to wait a year or more until they come out in Australia?

Admin Assistant, ITS
La Trobe University

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sorry, but I don't know of any sources for season 7 of Voyager. Columbia House Video at has a subscription service to the series (which I'm getting), but this is only up to season 4 right now.]

Date: Wed Jun 13, 2001
From: Sharon
Subject: The Ventures


My name is Sharon Muller this is quick note to say that your site is nice. Here goes -- my mother has a Gold Lighter that was given to my Dad in the mid 60's.

From the group "The Ventures" it has never been used so its in excellent condition, My dad worked for Liberty Records and UDC at that time when he was given the Lighter.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sharon, I've forwarded your message to Underground Fire, an online Ventures fan club at Also, maybe readers of this guestbook might be interested.]

Date: Sat Jun 9, 2001
From: Gaines
Subject: Jim Hall's Chaparrals

Do any of these cars (Chaparrals) still exist and how can I get some pictures of them. My name is Rock Thomas and I collect racing memorabilia and one of my favorite cars when I was a kid was the Chaparral 2G.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I believe some of the Chaparrals still exist -- some owned by Jim Hall himself and others by collectors. A good book on the history of the Chaparrals with lots of great pictures is "Chaparral" by Richard Falconer and Doug Nye, published in 1992 by Motorbooks International (PO Box 2, 729 Prospect Avenue, Osceola, WI 54020. I haven't seen any pictures of the Chaparrals on the web.]

Date: Sun Jun 3, 2001
From: Ulrich
Subject: Kommuna

Dear Sir:

I am looking for information on the Russian ship Kommuna listed in your directory. I am a 1:1250/1200 model collector. The models of Kommuna and Kommuna (ex Wolchow/Volkhov) are listed as you say as aircraft vessels. However, Weyer's Taschenbuch der Kriegsflotten 1914, 1935, and 1940 shows a picture of Kommuna as a submarine recovery ship. Were there possibly two ships by that name or did it serve double duty?


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Ulrich, according to the book "Before the Aircraft Carrier: The Development of Aviation Vessels 1849-1922" by R.D. Layman (Published: U.S. Naval Institute Press, 1989), the Kommuna was a "large petroleum barge equipped in August 1918 to carry aircraft for service with the Bolshevik Volga River flotilla. Usually towed by a sidewheel paddle tug, she carried up to nine Grigorovich M.9 flying boats and three Nieuport fight aircraft. Lifts were fitted on each side to lower and recover the seaplanes. It is possible that the aeroplanes could take off from the long deck, but that is not confirmed. Kommuna's aircraft were active in the civil war fighting along the Volga, their riverrine mobility reportedly making them an important element of Bolshevik aerial strength, but details about the career of this highly unusual and ingenious craft are not known." The book says that the Kommuna was 460ft x 63ft x 6 ft and displaced about 900 tons. This does not seem to be the same ship as the one you mention. I hope this information helps.]

Date: Mon May 28, 2001
From: Steven
Subject: CVE-34

Your document cv-app1.htm lists CVE-34 as the 'Phybus.' All other references to this vessel seem to indicate the name 'Pybus.' A seemingly small difference to some, significant to me. I would be interested to know the origins for your web page's spelling.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Steven, my source is "Aircraft Carriers of the World, 1914 to the Present" by Roger Chesneau, which was published by the U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, MD in 1987. When transferred to the Royal Navy, USS Phybus was renamed HMS Emperor.]

Date: Wed May 23, 2001
From: hristian
Subject: Just a small question concerning your Star Trek reviews :)

Dear Mr. van Beverhoudt.

I am reading your reviews for more than 2 years now (I send you an email before that your reviews really *nearly* always hit the bullseye ;)) and it was always a big help for me as I live in Germany, where the local broadcast station aires the episodes nearly a year later :-|

My question is: will you continue writing reviews for the next ST-series, I mean Series V: Enterprise? Sure, there are many review sites on the net, but I really prefer you point of view, especially as you are also a fan of a long time arc (shame on yoyager here ;)).

Anyway, thanks for all the great reviews!


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Christian, thanks for the comments on my Voyager episode reviews. I'm not sure if I'm going to do the same very long episode summaries and reviews for Star Trek: Enterprise. But I WILL do an episode guide with detailed summaries and post them to my Sandcastle V.I. web site.]

Date: Tue May 15, 2001
From: Gabriele
Subject: Guestbook Mail

Very nice site with a lot of good photos! Good work! Ciao from Italy.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the comments, Gabriele.]

Date: Tue May 14, 2001
From: Sophia
Subject: Virgin Islands Guide

Good Day Arnold,

I would like to invite you to visit It is a comprehensive guide to the Virgin Islands. Created by local and resident Virgin Islanders and brought to the world wide web from St. Thomas. The guide primarily focuses on St. Thomas at this time with some information about the other islands. Information on accommodations, dining, nightlife, beaches, history, attractions, Carnival and local events are provided even flora and fauna are included. We also have a discussion board, free e-postcards and wallpaper downloads. Our mission is to provide the most up to date information on the islands, in a fun and informational manner. I hope you will enjoy the site and the presentation of our home.


Web Editor Your Complete Island Guide.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Sophia, I've added a link to your web site on my Other Web Links Page. Your V.I. Now site is a good island resource.]

Date: Tue May 14, 2001
From: Debbie
Subject: Enterprise Historical Room


Just a quick note to let you know the Enterprise shipboard historical room was dedicated on 20 April. It was a delight to attend the ceremony and see the room in its shipboard context. The CVN-65 Association has posted an excellent virtual tour of the room on their website, along with a feature describing many of the events surrounding the room's dedication, and it might be something you'd like to check out sometime at or

We did include a section from your online book, These Are the Voyages, on a large corner photo mural in the historical room. The photo mural serves as a transition between the sailing ships section and the CV-6 section of the exhibit. The copy reads as follows:

"During World War I, the admirals of most major navies realized that aircraft at sea could also be used as offensive weapons. This led to the development of flat deck carriers designed to launch and recover conventional fighter and bomber aircraft. Two of the most famous ocean-going ships named Enterprise were descendants of these early vessels which combined naval sea and air power." (Arnold van Beverhoudt, Jr., These are the Voyages, chapter 9a)

Thank you so much for your insights and encouragement along the way. You answered my questions, came up with information at just the right time, and shared your own knowledge of the ship's history so willingly! It was a pleasure corresponding with you. If you think of it, perhaps you could provide me with a mailing address sometime so I can send along a thank-you from the Enterprise.

Thanks again. If we are fortunate enough to be involved with the Big 'E' any time in the future, I'll definitely know who to contact!


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Debbie works for a graphic design company that has just completed developing an on-ship exhibit for the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN-65). Some information from my online book These Are the Voyages were included in the exhibit. You can take a virtual tour of the exhibit at the CVN-65 Association web site as noted in Debbie's message.]

Date: Mon May 14, 2001
From: Adriana
Subject: Collector LPs from Colombia


I'm collector of LPs, I sell and buy LPs from years 60 and 70. Write me please. My home page is


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Adriana, I checked out your LP collector's web site and it's quite interesting. I'm posting the address to my guestbook so that others can visit it too.]

Date: Tue May 1, 2001
From: Brad
Subject: Is Your Site Offline?


I just got a link check report that indicated that Sandcastle is offline. Did you move it, is it gone, or is it just some Geocities craziness? Please let me know.

Classic Movies

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Brad, my Sandcastle VI web site is still very much alive. Geocities must have been playing some tricks. I just checked, and the splash page came up okay. But, I have been away from home on a business trip during the period April 17 - May 12, so I haven't been able to get my regular site updates done. I hope to have everything updated by May 15th.]

Date: Wed Apr 18, 2001
From: Kat
Subject: Wrong Date


I check your site for upcoming episodes each week and I discovered an error. This week the episode for Star trek Voyager was to be Q2, but instead it was Author, Author. I remember this cause the internet sites and tv guides in my Ottawa area on channel 15 said it was Q2 to be airing this week. It did not air last week cause I remember it was a repeat, it was either Inside Man or Body and Soul that was playing. I know that Q2 did not play last week. Please get back to me on this.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Kat, maybe the Q2 episode of Voyager didn't air in Canada, but in the U.S. it did air on April 11th. Author, Author aired on April 18th in the U.S.]

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