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Star Trek is undoubtedly one of the most amazing phenomena in the history of television or the history of science fiction -- a series that wasn't a big ratings success when it originally aired in the late 1960s, but which has become a entity unto itself that continues on and on. Others with personal inside knowledge of this phenomenon have written many volumes about its history. Here, I present my modest addition to the legacy -- episode guides for each of Star Trek's many variations. Many fans are purists and swear only by the "original," while others embrace only one or other of the spinoff series that followed. For my part, I love them all! To me, Star Trek has always been about characters who were developed by the writers, directors, and actors into people we came to know and cherish as "friends," although in a different time and space. From Captain Jonathan Archer to Captain Kathryn Janeway, the voyages of the Starfleet crews have been the best that science fiction TV has had to offer. Unfortunately, as of May 2005, Star Trek: Enterprise ended its abbreviated run of four seasons. We'll never know what adventures Captain Archer and his crew would have encountered if the series had been allowed to run its expected 7-year course.

Galaxy Map
The Milky Way Galaxy
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Starfleet's Finest
Starfleet's Finest
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NSS Tribute to Star Trek
A National Space Society Tribute to Star Trek
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NOTE: In the episode guides that follow, you'll find "S.O.S." ratings for each episode. The "S.O.S." or "Spoiler-free Opinion Survey" ratings are compiled by Joe Reiss based on individual ratings by visitors to his web site. You can find Joe Reiss's S.O.S. Ratings for all flavors of Star Trek (except the animated series) at:

Episode ratings for Star Trek: The Animated Series can be found at:

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