12 - The Final Frontier

(Part 2)

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These Are The Voyages

The 21st Century...

200? Enterprise
In the 21st Century, aerospace planes will help to open up space travel to a wider segment of the general population. Perhaps one will be named Enterprise.
[Photo: NASA]

2009 Enterprise
Virgin Atlantic/Virgin Galactic plans to begin a
commercial spaceflight service with its StarShipTwo
spacecraft being named in honor of the Enterprise.
[Photo: Virgin Galactic]

...And Beyond

2187 Enterprise
The Declaration-class spaceliner Enterprise, launched in 2123, was the most popular on
the route from Earth to Alpha Centauri.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2151 Enterprise NX-01
Earth's first starship was the Enterprise (NX-01),
which embarked on its first mission in 2151.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2245 Enterprise
The most famous starship in Starfleet history was
the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), wich was commissioned in 2245.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2286 Enterprise
The second starship Enterprise (NCC-1701A) was originally the USS Yorktown. She was rechristened
in 2286 in honor of the first starship Enterprise.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2293 Enterprise
The starship Enterprise (NCC-1701B) has the unfortunate distinction of being the vessel from
which Starfleet legend, Captain James T. Kirk,
disappeared and was presumed dead in 2293.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2344 Enterprise
In 2344, the starship Enterprise (NCC-1701C) was drawn into a freak vortex and transported 22 years into the future and an encounter with her successor, the Enterprise (NCC-1701D).
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2363 Enterprise
The Galaxy-class starship Enterprise (NCC-1701D) was commissioned in 2363. Under command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, her exploratory mission carried on the proud legacy of the name Enterprise.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

2373 Enterprise
In 2373, Captain Picard and crew, aboard the latest starship Enterprise (NCC-1701E), saved the human race from assimilation by the Borg.
[Photo: Paramount Pictures]

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