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Personal Insights

My family and I are confirmed "Disney-holics." We love the Disney Animated Classics, we've made several return visits to Walt Disney World (and one visit to Disneyland), and we can't pass a Disney Store in a shopping mall without stopping in to at least "window shop."

Not surprisingly, some of our most memorable family vacations have been to Walt Disney World. So, I thought that, with our experiences at WDW, it would be nice for me to provide information to help others who might be planning (or trying to decide whether to make) a trip to Disney World. I'll take you on personal photo tours of Disney World using photos taken on our visits over the years, and also provide more in-depth narrative trip reports and a detail trip planning guide for the first time visitor. These are all available from the menu further down on this page.

My wife and I (right) along with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandaughter
at the Magic Kingdom - Christmas 2012

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Source: The Walt Disney Company

Walt Disney World Tour Menu

Walt Disney World Photo Guide

- Magic Kingdom
- Epcot [formerly Epcot Center]
- Disney's Hollywood Studios [formerly Disney-MGM Studios]
- Disney's Animal Kingdom
- Disney Water Parks
- Downtown Disney
- Disney Resorts and Dinner Shows
- All the Rest of the World

Disney Theme Park Photo Tours

- 1972 Summer: Disneyland California
- 1973 Summer: Walt Disney World
- 1982 Summer: Walt Disney World
- 1985 Summer: Disneyland California
- 1988 Summer: Walt Disney World
- 1989 Summer: Walt Disney World
- 1992 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 1996 Summer: Walt Disney World
- 1997 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2003 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2004 Winter: Walt Disney World
- 2004 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2005 Christmas: Walt Disney World & Sea World Orlando
- 2006 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2007 Summer: Walt Disney World & Kennedy Space Center
- 2007 Christmas: Walt Disney World & Universal Orlando
- 2008 Spring: Walt Disney World & The Ventures
- 2008 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2009 Spring: Walt Disney World & The Ventures
- 2009 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2010 Spring: Walt Disney World
- 2010 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2011 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2012 Christmas: Walt Disney World
- 2013 Thanksgiving: Walt Disney World - ALL NEW!
- Gone But Not Forgotten: Closed Disney World Attractions

Narrative Planning Guide and Trip Reports

- Family Traditions at Walt Disney World or "Why I Love the World"
- Trip Planning Guide for the First Time Visitor
- Mouseplanet 5th Anniversary Article

- Narrative & Photo Trip Report: 1997 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 1973 to 2003 - 30 Years at Disney Parks
- Narrative Trip Report: 2003 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2004 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2005 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2006 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2007 Summer
- Narrative Trip Report: 2007 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2008 Spring
- Narrative Trip Report: 2008 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2009 Spring
- Narrative Trip Report: 2009 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2010 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2011 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2012 Christmas
- Narrative Trip Report: 2013 Thanksgiving
- Narrative Trip Report: 2015 Christmas - ALL NEW!

Disney World Animated Slideshows (Windows Media Player Format)

- 2003-2005: Magic Kingdom (32Mb WMV File)
- 2003-2005: Epcot (21Mb WMV File)
- 2003-2005: Disney-MGM Studios (23Mb WMV File)
- 2003-2005: Animal Kingdom (26Mb WMV File)
- 2003-2005: Outside the Parks (10Mb WMV File)

For More Information

Here are some suggested sources for official information on Walt Disney World.

Birnbaum's Official Guide to Walt Disney World
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World for Kids by Kids
Birnbaum's Walt Disney World without Kids
[All published annually by Hearst Business Publishing
and available at most book stores.
Don't plan a trip to Walt Disney World
without one of these official guides!]

Where Magic Lives: Walt Disney World
[A DVD video tour of all of the magic at Walt Disney World
published by Disney Interactive
and available at many Disney Stores.]

The Official Walt Disney World Web Site
[The best source for up-to-date hotel pricing,
attraction schedules, and special events information!]

MousePlanet Web Site
[Latest news, gossip, reviews, and trip reports on
Walt Disney World and all of the other Disney theme parks.]

All Ears Net Web Site
[Latest news, reviews, park guides, and restaurant menus for
Walt Disney World and Disneyland California.]

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