A Drive Around Oahu, Hawaii

Stop 7 - Waimea Falls Park

Waimea Falls Park
Traditional Hawaiian village at Waimea Falls Park

Inland from Ohau's northwestern coast, we arrive at our next stop, Waimea Falls Park. This is a combination botanical garden and cultural park devoted to the preservation of Hawaiian culture. The 1,500-acre Park is divided into 35 distinct botanical gardens, each highlighting a different type of flora. The Park also serves as a bird sanctuary.

Waimea Cliff Diving #1
Tandem dives from the 60-foot level

Waimea Cliff Diving #2
Another Waimea Falls cliff dive

A highlight of a visit to Waimea Falls Park is the cliff diving show, during which local divers make progressively more difficult dives from higher ledgers overlooking the small lake.

Hula Show
Traditional Hawaiian hula exhibition

Another favorite at the Park is an exhibition that explains the history of Hawaii's traditional hula.

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