On March 10, 2008, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame formally inducted The Ventures into the Hall of Fame. The Ventures were introduced by John Fogarty, who recognized the immense influence that they had on him and other would-be guitarists during the 1960s. Co-founder Don Wilson accepted induction on his own behalf and for the band, noting the role that his late mother, Josie Wilson, played in the band's earliest recordings. Legendary lead guitarist Nokie Edwards also accepted induction on his own behalf. Bob Spalding, the band's current bass guitarist, accepted on behalf of co-founder Bob Bogle, who was unable to attend the ceremonies. Fiona Taylor (widow) and Leon Taylor (son) of the late Mel Taylor accepted on Mel's behalf. Lastly, former Ventures keyboardist John Durrill accepted on behalf of current lead guitarist Gerry McGee, who was also unable to attend. Following the formalities, The Ventures performed perhaps their two best known hits, "Walk Don't Run" and "Hawaii Five-0", the second number being performed with full orchestral accompaniment. Heartfelt congratulations go to The Ventures on this milestone in their 50-year career. Their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been a long time coming, but it helps to validate their standing as the No. 1 Instrumental Rock and Roll Band in the World. Incidentally, the other 2008 inductees into the Hall of Fame were Madonna, John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, The Dave Clark Five, song writing team Gamble and Huff, and early influential blues musician Little Walter. You can see a few screen captures from the televised induction ceremonies by clicking here.

You Can Help to Induct

The Ventures (logo)

into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

April 25, 1997

Dear Ventures Fan,

We are writing to solicit your (non-financial) support for a campaign to induct The Ventures into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (HoF).

The Ventures Hall of Fame Induction Committee was formed by a group of Ventures fans who have come together through the Internet and have mutually agreed that a great injustice has been done to this fine band. The Ventures were, and continue to be, an important part of the heritage of rock and roll music. In fact, The Ventures are generally recognized as being the No. 1 Instrumental Rock and Roll Band of all time. However, to this date, they have been virtually ignored by the HoF.

The HoF was founded to honor recording artists and other who have had a significant and lasting impact on rock and roll music. Induction into the HoF is voted on by members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, a select group of 1,000 individuals with ties to the music industry. It is that group that we have to reach. The HoF also maintains a Museum in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), and has an Internet web site that can be reached at: www.rockhall.com.

The Induct The Ventures campaign that our committee is now beginning has the goal of collecting as many letters as possible from fans supporting the induction of The Ventures into the HoF and submitting those letters in bulk, together with a formal petition for induction, to the HoF Foundation. We believe that this approach would be more successful than a "mail in" campaign that floods the HoF Foundation with individual letters and emails and, in so doing, makes a nuisance of itself.

What we're asking of you is simply to read the induction letter we've put together, add any personal comments you care to make about The Ventures' and their influence on your connection to rock and roll, add your name and mailing and email addresses, and submit the letter to us. Of course, if you prefer, you can write your own personalized letter instead of using our boilerplate. We will compile similar letters from The Ventures fans around the world and submit the entire package to the HoF Foundation.

We also urge you to let others know about the Induct The Ventures campaign and ask them to send in letters of their own. If you have a web site or know others who do, a link to this page would help to spread the word. Also, if you have any information that you think should be added to the accomplishments listed in the induction letter, please let us know. We'll still be able to add them to our official petition to the HoF Foundation.

Another part of our Induct The Ventures campaign is to solicit support from other recording artists who know and/or have been influenced by The Ventures, from record companies who publish and sell recordings by The Ventures, and from other organizations with ties to The Ventures (such as Fender Guitars).

We strongly believe that with the support of the fans and The Ventures' friends within the recording industry, we can convince the HoF to vote for their induction. The Ventures have given a lot of listening pleasure to their fans over the years, and this is a small way in which we can repay them for their great music.


Richard Wilson
Arnold van Beverhoudt, Jr.

The Ventures Hall of Fame Induction Committee

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