Japanese Discography - 3

1980s Japanese LPs

Pops in Japan
LP: King K18P-10/11 - 7/1980 (2-LP set) Ginza Lights Hokkaido Skies Midoosuji Reflections in a Palace lake Kyoto Doll Nagasaki Memories Saihate Bojo Kimito Itsumademo Blue Sunset Yozora No Hoshi Sentimental guitar Blue Chateau Kirano Mashuuku (Stormy Mashuuku Koi Night of Our trip Kokoro Moijou Hanayome Erimo Misaki Scat in the Dark Shiretoko of Hokkaido Futari De Osake Kuchinashi No Hana Kyoo De Owakare Kuroi Hanabira Kimi Koishi Koyubi No Omoide Setono Hanayome Suzukake No Michi

Best 20
LP: King K25P7 - 7/1980 Diamond Head Walk Don't Run Pipeline House of the Rising Sun Slaughter on 10th Avenue Ten Seconds to Heaven Pedal Pusher Apache Perfidia Caravan Cruel Sea Surf Rider Kickstand Yellow Jacket Hawaii Five-0 Yesterday Runaway Lullaby of the Leaves Wipeout Karelia

New Best 20
LP: King K25P8 - 7/1980 Manchurian Beat Telstar Blue Star Bumble Bee Walk Don't Run '64 Black Sand Beach Ginza Lights Kyoto Doll Midoosuji Blue Sunset Let's Go Rap City Driving Guitars Red River Rock Bulldog Dark Eyes Classical Gas Secret Agent Man Pink Panther Theme Star Wars

Rare Collection
LP: King K18P12/13 - 7/1980 (2-LP set) El Cumbanchero Lady of Spain Skip To M'Limbo 2000 Pound Bee, Parts 1 & 2 Damaged Goods Coming Home Baby Green Hornet '66 Genesis Gemini Skylab On the road Too Young to Know Karelia What'd I Say (vocal) Sally (vocal) Feel So Fine (vocal) Behind Those Stained Glass Windows (vocal) T'aint Funny (vocal) Angel (vocal) Don't Avoid me (vocal) Tell Laura I Love Her (vocal) Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (vocal) Pandora's Box Arabesque Store Front Lawyers Dick Tracy Theme Kern County Line The Mercenary (long intro) Endless Summer

LP: East World EWS81332 - 7/1980 Available on CD: Toshiba-EMI TOCP6377 - 1992 Goldfinger Beautiful Teachers at the Swimming Pool Sutekina Flamingo Pike Ginza Ska No Smoking Washington Square Mushuku Octopus Tree Mecca Surfing USSR Salty Dog

Super Live '80
LP: East World EWS67153/67154 - 9/1980 (2-LP set) Hawaii Five-0 Walk, Don't Run Classical Gas Japanese Medley Ghost Riders in the Sky The Cruel Sea Manchurian Beat House of the Rising Sun Apache I Got a Woman/Yesterday Pipeline Wipe Out Goldfinger Theme from "No Smoking" Washington Square Mushuku Ginza Ska Runaway (vocal) Surfin' USSR Sutekena Flamingo Pike (vocal) Slaughter on 10th Avenue Telstar Diamond Head Caravan

'60s Pop
LP: East World EWS91012 - 3/1981 Whittier Boulevard * Johnny Angel Rhythm of the Rain Black Sand Beach Lipstick on Your Collar Hey Paula Comin' Home Baby Save the Last Dance for Me Runaway Penetration It's My Party One Way Ticket

The Collection: Ventures Forever
LP: East World WTP50095-WTP50097 - 7/1981 (3-LP set) Walk Don't Run '64 Slaughter on 10th Avenue Pipeline Movin' Diamond Head House of the Rising Sun Driving Guitars Cruel Sea Caravan Hawaii Five-0 * Walk Don't Run * Classical Gas * Japanese Medley * Stranger in Midosuji Reflections in a Palace Lake Kyoto Doll Mokie's Medley * Wipeout * Apache * Manchurian Beat * Yozora No Hoshi Shiroi Suna No Shojo Uruwashiki Otometachi Aoi Hoshikuzu Black Sand Beach Kimi to Itsumademo Blue Chateau Omoide No Nagisa Whittier Boulevard Johnny Angel Rhythm of the Rain Lipstick on Your Collar Hey Paula Coming Home Baby Runaway One Way Ticket Goldfinger Mushuku Beautiful Teachers at the Swimming Pool Sutekina Flamingo Salty Dog Ginza Ska Pike Sexy Night Miseratete Twilight Aoi Sangosho Ihojin Dancing All Night (* = Live)

Pops in Japan '81
LP: East World WTP90074 - 8/1981 Dancing All Night Miserate Sneaker Blues Junko Nemurenu Yoru Midnight Tonight Twilight Music Box Dancer Aoi Sangosho Sexy Night Ihojin Until the End

Tokyo Callin'
LP: East World WTP90073 - 8/1981 Available on CD: Toshiba-EMI TOCP6378 - 1992 Yozora No Hoshi * Blue Sunset (Yuhi Wa Akaku) * Shiroi Suna No Shojo Uruwashiki Otome Tachi Aoi Hoshikuzu Kimito Itsumademo * Blue Eyes Chiisana Snack * Blue Chateau * Emerald No Densetsu Silvie My Love Omoide No Nagisa * (* = New versions)

Hits Up to Date
LP: East World WTP90069 - 7/1981 Walk Don't Run '64 Last Space Train California Dreamin' Coming Home Baby Beautiful Teachers at the Swimming Pool Pike Slaughter on 10th Avenue Telstar Goldfinger Salty dog Runaway Black Sand Beach Caravan

KIKI Presents Ventures Big Hits
LP: King K25P18 - 8/1981 Diamond Head Pipeline Walk Don't Run '64 Blue Star Manchurian Beat Driving Guitars Apache Telstar Cruel Sea Bumble Bee Karelia Let's Go Black Sand Beach The Stranger Slaughter on 10th Avenue Wipeout

Japanese Graffiti
LP: King K25P196 - 9/1981 Kimi Itsumademo Blue Sunset Rainy Pavement Black Sand Beach Yozora No Hoshi Kazega Naiteiru Blue Chateau Tadoritsuitara Itsumo Kono Tenohira Aio Sentimental Guitar Max a GoGo Chisiana Snack Omoide No Nagisa Aozora No Arukagiri Slow Sundown Waga Yoki Tomo Yo Gakusio Gai No Kissaten Ginza Lights

Sountrack for "I Want to Marry a Woman"
[aka "The Ventures Meet the Tonics"] LP: East World WTP60433 - 1981 St. Louis Memory [by The Ventures] Asunaki Touso [by The Tonics] Sahara No Tsuki [by The Tonics] Kagoshima Carnival [by The Tonics] Kanashiki Vical (Rage Version) [by The Tonics] Namida No Serenade [by The Tonics] Pipeline [by The Ventures] Kanashiki Vical [by The Ventures] Ragtime '64 [by The Tonics] Kogarashi Freeway [by The Tonics] Tome's Theme [by The Tonics] St. Louis Memory [by The Tonics]

St. Louis Memory
LP: East World WTP90144 - 1/1982 St. Louis Memory Pipeline Slaughter on 10th Avenue Walk Don't Run '64 Diamond Head Cruel Sea House of the Rising Sun Vicar Runaway Yozora No Hoshi Kimi Itsumademo One Way Ticket Lipstick on Your Collar Omoide No Nagisa

Last Album on Liberty
LP: King K28P318/United Artists SUA1798 - 12/1982 (Originally recorded in 12/1977) Warm Hearts Papa Summer Concerto I Will Never Leave You Nightly News Theme Speeding through Space Victoria Station Really Something Nice Don't Say Goodbye Springtime Love Mizu Wari I'll Be Yours Forever Hollywood Punk Walk Don't Run '77 Peace Pipe Amanda's Theme The Way You Look Tonight Tomorrow

Mosrite Years
LP: King K18P-254/255 - 7/1982 (2-LP set) Walk Don't Run '64 Pipeline Only the Young Diamond Head Ten Seconds to Heaven Needles & Pins Slaughter on 10th Avenue Journey to the Stars Kickstand Fugitive Secret Agent Man Rap City House of the Rising Sun Out of Limits Go-Go Slow Coming Home Baby Let's Go Action Stop Action Fever Night Train When You Walk in the Room He Never Came Back Tomorrow's Love Bulldog Pedal Pusher Caravan (live) Bumble Bee Driving Guitars

Fender Years
LP: King K18P-256/257 - 7/1982 (2-LP set) Walk Don't Run Sleepwalk Perfidia Blue tango Ghost Riders in the Sky Lonely Heart Bulldog Lullaby of the Leaves Ginchy Josie Blue Moon Yellow Jacket Silver City Driving Guitars Besame Mucho Bumble Bee My Bonnie Lies Kicking Around Spudnik (Surf Rider) Lucille Lolita YaYa Mr. Moto Night Drive Venus Telstar Percolator Can't Stop Loving You Gringo Torquay 2000 Pound Bee, Part 1 Lady of Spain El Cumbanchero

Surfin' Deluxe
LP: Toshiba LBS90114 - 9/1983 Diamond Head Slaughter on 10th Avenue Apache Walk Don't Run '64 House of the Rising Sun Driving Guitars Surf Rider Out of Limits Journey to the Stars Wipeout Pipeline Taste of Honey The Fugitive I Feel Fine Blue Star Bulldog Summertime Blues Hanky Panky Yellow Jacket Caravan

Walk Don't Run
LP: Toshiba LBS90115 - 9/1983 Walk Don't Run Perfidia Lullaby of the Leaves Telstar Rap City Bumble Bee Mariner No. 4 Raunchy Locomotion Red River rock Let's Go California Dreamin. Memphis Secret Agent Man Bombay duck Runaway Cruel Sea Love Potion No. 9 My Bonnie Lies Karelia

The Japanese Melody
LP: Toshiba LBS90116 - 9/1983 Kyoto Doll Reflections in a Palace lake Stranger in Midoosuji Nagasaki Memories Hokkaido Skies Tokyo Nights Ginza Lights Squaw Man Naruto Electric Monsoon Kimi Itsumademo Blue Chateau Manchurian Beat black Sand Beach Yozora No Hoshi Daremo Inai Umi Misty Night Nagoya Express Saihate Bojo Blue Sunset

Movie Themes
LP: Toshiba LBS90117 - 9/1983 Man with the Golden Gun Airport '75 Last Tango in Paris Everybody's Talking Shaft Born to Be Wild Summer Place Bonnie & Clyde Born Free The Godfather (Love Theme) The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly Pink Panther Mission Impossible Raindrops Keep Falling The Sound of Silence Scarborough Fair/Canticle Let It Be To Sir with Love Green Leaves of Summer Hawaii Five-0

Farewell Party - Orange Sisters with The Ventures
LP: Moon Records 28029 - 1984 My Lovely Boy * Hot Rod City (vocal by Orange Sisters) Artificial Angel (vocal by Orange Sisters) Golden Memories (vocal by Orange Sisters) Have a Dry Martini (vocal by Orange Sisters) Farewell Party (vocal by Orange Sisters) Tears and Lipstick Mark * Letter from America * Holiday * Summer Holiday * Lonely Afternoon (vocal by Orange Sisters) Season for Lovers * (* = Performed by the Orange Sisters)

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